Safe and comfortable into the future of camping vacations with REO

›› REO technology in mobile homes and caravans

The camping boom has arrived in Germany. After slight declines during the Corona pandemic in 2021, bookings at campsites are picking up massively in the summer of 2022. The managing director of the Federal Association of the Camping Industry in Germany (BVCD), Christian Günther, sees the “camping trend continues unabated. The record overnight stays in August in conjunction with the high number of new registrations of recreational vehicles make it clear that camping continues to be attractive as a near-natural and safe form of vacation.” (Source)

Without many campers knowing it, REO technology also travels with them on vacation – in the form of transformers, normal transformers or toroidal core transformers, which are installed in heating systems. First and foremost, these systems are usually floor heating systems. REO components are popular with manufacturers around the world, because high manufacturing quality and high-quality materials allow trouble-free operation for many years – even in winter. After all, it is precisely the winter that presents many systems with particular challenges. To prevent damage to mobile homes or caravans caused by frost or moisture, heating systems with REO technology, among others, can be operated self-sufficiently at a low level throughout the winter. If a component nevertheless fails, individual REO transformers can be replaced. This is not the case in a conventional design with encapsulated heating coils.

Technological progress is therefore also making great strides in the camping sector.

New manufacturing techniques and models offer exciting areas for innovative electrical engineering, especially against the background of energy-efficient production and low-emission operation. REO therefore offers manufacturers a wide range of individual and standardized components, with compact dimensions and low weight. Properties that are essential for future-oriented series production with high efficiency, extensive lightweight construction and an awareness of sustainability in caravanning. But here, too, REO is already looking even further into the future and already offers suitable components for e-mobility and hydrogen drives.