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›› Resilient, durable and environmentally friendly

Drive technology is an area in which special requirements are placed on individual parts and components. Since many machines produced for this sector have to function under extreme conditions, these requirements also apply to the components installed.

For these applications, we at REO offer a wide range of drive components such as chokes, filters, transformers and resistors, which ensure a smooth and stable power supply for electric motors and extend the functionality of electric drives.

Great efficiency for high efficiencies, the sustainable production processes and reliability to achieve continuous operation and minimize production downtime are just some of the aspects REO considers in all components.

In addition to high resilience and durability, REO components stand for environmentally friendly operation. Saving energy during operation is just one of the aspects: Furthermore, thanks to the use of high-quality individual parts and solid dimensioning, spare parts are needed less frequently. This saves valuable resources and minimizes downtime.

The lower maintenance requirements, longer service life and economical operation make the purchase of REO components cost-efficient.

REO is also distinguished by its in-house service and the support provided by qualified employees in the event of questions and problems. From the first call to completion and commissioning, we are at your side. The close cooperation between you and us as a company is in the foreground.

If you are interested in drive technology products, you can choose from standard products and modified standard products as well as individual products created for your needs. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of using REO components in your project.

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