REO introduces advanced product search and intelligent filter functions on new website


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On REO’s new website, developers for electrical devices and electronics can find the right products for their industrial projects more easily than before. For this purpose, REO, as a specialist for inductive, resistive and electronic components, focuses on the products industry-specifically with the help of an intelligent product filter. This makes it easier for developers and engineers in the relevant sectors to find the most important products and product specifications.

In addition to the broad product range, REO has developed a number of models that are particularly well suited to specific markets or industries. These include, for example, heavy-duty braking resistors for heavy vehicles toroidal transformers and mains filters, or electrical transformers that meet medical standards for important medical equipment.

With the redesign of the website, visitors can now choose between a product-oriented and a market-specific view. This means that developers and engineers who are still uncertain about the requirements for an application will find what they are looking for just as quickly as those who are looking for a specific component. This is particularly beneficial for development engineers in emerging sectors such as renewable energy and e-mobility, for which REO is offering more and more components.

“Every industry relies on a stable power supply and good power quality,” says Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK. “Yet each market has different requirements for the components that provide higher power quality. These requirements can differ significantly depending on the application. For example, a commercial vehicle with an electric drive requires a braking resistor with a comparatively low continuous power rating, whereas heavy construction or mining vehicles typically require a very high kilowatt continuous braking power rating. We’ve redesigned the website to accommodate such differences and ensure that engineers can find the products they need or benefit from as easily as possible.”

The industry-focused approach comes as demand for REO products increases in sectors such as e-mobility, battery and vehicle component testing, and renewable energy. These markets will continue to grow in the coming years. REO’s focus on its entire product range, as well as the underlying technologies and customised energy solutions, sets the stage for easier entry into the newer markets.

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