Racing into the future of mobility at full speed

REO AG has pooled its strengths to produce inductive, resistive and electronic components

Racing into the future of mobility at full speed

Jennifer Baatz, Kyritz branch manager of REO AG

Solingen, 4 November 2020 – As part of the electrification process, REO AG has pooled its strengths to produce inductive, resistive and electronic components, and to consequently develop them further. The newly-launched campaign website is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of sectors and manufacturers in the field of electromobility.

We recognised a change in social awareness, and the resulting industrial potential in the field of electromobility, at an early stage. We now offer a globally unique product portfolio, containing intelligent and smart components for almost every industry,” explains Jennifer Baatz, Manager of REO AG’s Kyritz branch. She adds: Our mission now is to communicate this and to secure a leading position in the competitive environment.”

Accordingly, the new electromobility website should be seen as a digital centre for new drive technologies. It shows REO AG as a holistic partner in the development, production, testing and maintenance of electromobility solutions. The focus is on components for the electrification of power trains and electric engine peripherals, components for charging stations, wall charging stations and wall boxes, and test technology.

Electromobility is often reduced to everyday mobility concepts for users and manufacturers. Many producers lack the idea, or the necessary technical knowledge, of how their products can be equipped with partially or fully electric drives. The new electromobility website therefore demonstrates a wide range of ways and possibilities to make these new technologies accessible, even to industries with a low level of electrification. In particular, these include battery-powered drives and hydrogen drives for buses, motorcycles, HGVs, heavy machinery, ships and aircraft.

In addition, the website gives a preview of upcoming technologies, such as a central control system which is located outside the actual test environment in a testing facility. The aim is not only to meet the latest state of the art, but also to actively help to shape it.

The electrification of the mobility sector continues to advance in the new decade. Whereas many suppliers purchase technologies, REO can fall back on over 95 years of experience. This is a guarantee of our innovative strength, especially when high demands are placed on the resilience and quality of components.