Quality management system certified

DIN ISO 9001:2015

›› Quality management system as the basis for constant growth

The quality management system at REO AG is now certified in development, production and distribution of electronic and inductive components within electrical engineering and medical engineering by TÜV SÜD. As a modern and future-oriented company, REO naturally aims to provide and to live exceptional product and service quality for its customers.

The REO branch in Pfaffkirchen was thoroughly monitored during an audit as part of ISO certification. “The audit was very successful”, said Wolfgang Senninger, REO Pfarrkirchen site manager, before adding: “It is good to see that our processes are not just understandable and transparent, but also that an independent body has evaluated these and stated that they are in order.”

For REO, ISO 9001 certification represents consistent, standardised production process of all components used. From material procurement to production to delivery, a comprehensive documentation and management system for all activities ensures compliance with the desired requirements. This recently introduced quality management system is considered the foundation for the continuous improvement and sustainable development of existing and new REO components within the fields of electrical engineering and medical engineering.

ISO certification is therefore an important basis for manufacturing products with high levels of availability to best fulfil stringent customer requirements, particularly in the ever-demanding medical sector.

A proven quality management system is a prerequisite for consistent growth in the medical engineering sector.